Which Is Better Maldives or Bora Bora?

Which Is Better Maldives or Bora Bora

Well, the most difficult decision to decide where to go to the Maldives or Bora Bora. They both are the most luxurious and fantastic island to visit and spend your dream vacation. And the first thought came to my mind regarding these islands are there exotic overwater bungalows.

Bora Bora locates near Tahiti in French Polynesia, in the south pacific and like a small island. While on the other hand, Maldives is a steamy tropical country finds in the Indian Ocean with lots of little scattered resorts.

Whether you are planning to visit these fantastic destinations for making your life’s prestigious event, a memorable one, or enjoying your holidays, and if you feel stuck between two of these exotic locations, this might help you for sure then

In Bora Bora, you can find out variety in seafood like mahimahi, grouper, Poisson cru (that includes tuna thoroughly marinated with lemon juice and coconut milk). And some fruits like pineapple, bananas coconuts, and bonitos. They also have yummiest pastries and slices of bread as they got influence by French so that you will find out amazing French cuisines.

Diversely, Maldives has more curry, seafood, and coconut. And that seafood has a grill on the coconut charcoals. And there are so many amazing restaurants where you can fill up your tummies with so many delicious dishes. They got influenced by Indian and Asian so you can get their delicious Asian foods.

Well, in foods, Maldives win as compared to Bora Bora. Each meal over there has perfectly cooked with delicious tastes, not only this, but also the Maldives has a lot of restaurants. Restaurants with fantastic sea views and sunset views.

 It doesn’t mean that Bora Bora fails. They have one of the famous restaurants the four seasons where you can get fantastic food too, but it isn’t that much impressive comparing to Maldives restaurants. And the food price of both islands while they both are expensive a lot.

Bora Bora Vs Maldives: Activities

So whatever place you decided to visit, you will surely enjoy your journey in a relaxing and fun way. Both destinations have fantastic spa’s that keep you relaxed, and both are famous for their overwater Bungalows.

Well, Bora offers its complementary tourist activities on their fantastic island for adventure. Like, stand up Paddleboarding, scuba diving, and snorkeling. You can do snorkeling in coral gardens and the Bora Bora Langoonarium (a place of the natural aquarium where you can watch and meet stingrays and sharks).

 No worries if you don’t like watching sharks and stingrays, you can also enjoy their snorkeling. And you can also try their fishing and canoeing outrigger. Except for these water activities, tourists can also hire a guide to help them exploring the Bora Bora culture and history. And mostly guides are locals, so this is the best way to learn about this island.

On the other hand, Maldives is best known for its quality beaches. The Maldives has a lot of varieties to entertain their tourist. In terms of water activities, they have a uniqueness in their activities like whale shark snorkeling, diving in the warm water, and enjoying beautiful marine life.

Along with these manta rays and snorkeling makes the perfect idle destination to visit. And if you want to explore water life, then, believe me, this place is especially for you. You can do swimming, surfing, Paddleboarding, sea kayaking, jet-skiing, and there are so many other fun doing things in the Maldives.

Bora Bora Vs. Maldives: Accessibility

Suppose traveling time is an essential element for you. In that case, you should keep in mind that accessibility is also critical for you to for spending quality and relaxing time on paradise more than in traveling.

So here you can have an idea, that if you are traveling from the United States than Bora Bora will be more suitable for you than the Maldives. And if you are going from Africa and Europe, then the Maldives would be your better option.

Approximately it takes around 10 hours from LOS Angeles to reach Bora Bora. And from LOS Angeles, it takes more than 27 hours to reach to the Maldives. So here you can save your time by choosing an accessible location for your vacations.

And if you are coming from London to the Maldives it takes 10 hours from the direct flight then you have to take sea boats and seaplane to reach your desire resort. So to Bora Bora, it takes around 24 hours, which does not directly arrive at this island, but first, you enter in Tahiti and then another flight you have to take to reach t the Bora Bora.

I think this time analyzing would surely help you plan your trip, whether to Bora Bora or Maldives.

Bora Bora Vs. Maldives: Vibes

The vibes that you feel in the Maldives that is a luxurious sandy private island and Bora Bora is a relaxing and comfortable resort. Different country’s different natures of tourists and couples come to visit these destinations.

Moreover, Maldives has preferred those people whose interests are off the map and want a place full of privacy. And Bora Bora has preferred by those whose interest is in civilization and society’s willingness.

Bora Bora Vs. Maldives: Where To Stay There

In Bora Bora the most famous resorts are:

Four seasons
St. Regis Bora bora
Hilton Moorea

These resorts are fantastic over the water bungalows with luxurious facilities and panache.

While in Maldives best resorts for a honeymoon that couples prefer are:

Six senses Laamu

In these two resorts, you can find out amazingly delicious food and over the water bungalows.

Bora Bora Vs. Maldives: Accommodation or Cost

Well, both destinations are considered expensive. But the Maldives is less costly as compared to Bora Bora. More importantly, when we are talking about foods and drinks.

If you are interested in the Maldives trip, then the approx expense you might bear is around 11000 dollars to 25000 dollars per week, including room rates, foods, and flight. bora bora will charge you more around 14000 dollars to 35000 dollars. While when you are planning for vacations to one of them, you should keep in mind that Bora costs you more than the Maldives.

These charges may differ if you are using coupon cards, travel card points, and airline miles.

Accommodation is also high in Bora Bora. It charged you around 300 dollars per night. And if you are desirable to spend on private overwater bungalows, it costs you about 800 dollars to 15000 dollars. More you can see in our article. And you don’t have many options to decide on the resorts because there are few resorts available.

While in the Maldives, you can find out more options to have your stay, which is reasonable than the Bora Bora. And you can be booked yourself with different price range resorts.

BORA Bora Vs. Maldives: Best Time To Visit

What is the best or perfect time to visit The Bora Bora and the Maldives?

Let have some look at the Bora Bora, you will get the perfect vacation or honeymoon through months from May to October, in the dry and rainy season, you will enjoy your partner.

The most highly rated and crowded months of Bora Bora are considered June, July, and August because of their seasonal changes. In Bora Bora, you are not restricted to enjoying only one weather at a time like other countries; you will have mixed weather like dry, cold, and sunshine with the sun on its peak.

Let have some discussion on the weather or the best time for the visitor to visit the Maldives. The high seasons of Maldives are considered from December to April. The foggy and rainy is during summer.

September and October are the only two months when there is nothing that means no rain or fog but only sunshine. The sunshine of Maldives is very famous for its island view, and the most attractive thing about these months is that the hotel fares and residence costs are almost half as compared to the other months.

Bora Bora Vs. Maldives: How to Reach

Getting to Bora Bora or the Maldives is such a long route and very painful for your back to travel, the flights of both destinations are so irritating because you have to stop at different airports and then, in the end, you will reach there.

The way to the Maldives is considered as more stress full than Bora Bora. First, you have to reach Srilanka from our homeland, and then you have to fly from Srilanka to Maldive for almost 200$ per person and then you had to take a seaplane to the Maldives for 500$ per person, which is quite expensive people don’t like this at all.

While reaching to Bora Bora is much convenient as compared to the Maldives. You may be caught the direct flight from New York to Los Angeles; then, after reaching to the Los Angeles, you will directly contact to Tahiti for almost 2500$ person. From Tahiti, you will get the final flight or direct flight to Bora Bora for 400$ and then a very short boat ride to the resorts.

You can also take direct flight LAX through a couple of different airlines, including Air Tahiti and Air France. When we talk about the cost, then the journey to France Polynesia is about double the cost to the Maldives. But the most attractive thing about Bora Bora is that the food restaurant other activists are at a much lower rate than the Maldives.

Bora Bora Vs. Maldives: The Rooms

Let have some look on the beach facing rooms; you can quickly get less expensive and under range bungalow in the four seasons resort of Bora Bora.

The decision of best-facing room and location and at a low rate was taken by the audience who visited and stayed there for some days, and they are sure that Bora Bora is the very best choice compared to the Maldives. So, Bora Bora wins this heading.

The Maldives doesn’t win because their rooms are not maintained or not like for newlyweds couple; only one thing is similar to Bora Bora rooms, which are beach facing rooms, and that is not enough for a romantic atmosphere.

The rooms in The Four Seasons resort are cheaper as compared to the resorts of Maldives. I will surely recommend that you go to Bora Bora to make beautiful memories with your partner and take a pleasant ad clam start of your life.

Bora Bora Vs. Maldives: The Properties

The properties of both the island are fabulous. Still, I have already read the feedback, and all the visitors voted the Maldives as the best properties provided island as compared to Bora Bora. All the Maldives lovers didn’t say something terrible about Bora Bora; instead, they didn’t support the Maldives in other activities. The fact is that they decided the Maldives as the best properties provide.

The Services of Bora Bora are not as quick and fast as compared to Conrad Maldives. People personally feel like they want to spend money on the workers there to do work in prompt service and the family or group who are spending money on those workers they are doing their job in advance.

One more thing which is a bit irritating about Bora Bora is that they call their customers and ask them again and again about their meal. After they say no thanks, they started forcing and pushing to have it, and that’s the one thing because of which people choose the Maldives instead of Bora Bora. Otherwise, the staff of Bora Bora is quite well mannered and well dressed, and people also love to go there in there vacation time.

Bora Bora Vs. Maldives: Freebies

Besides all the philanthropic activities and paid activities, both the Island resorts provide free activities to their customers. It is such a hearted thing about these two Islands. Four Season Resorts offers free shuttle by boat to the main island.

Conrad Maldives provides an hour of happiness on the beach each day and offers you complimentary alcohol, canapés, and a lovely view of the beach.

Bora Bora Vs. Maldives: Local Transportation

If you are a traveler who prefers traveling and going to different famous spots of that city, you will be absolutely in the right article. Here are some tips to get around various places on two types of wheelers. We have some tips for you if you are a person who likes to explore more rather than spending your whole day relaxing on a beach.

One is Bike riding, for which you have to take a bike on rent; it may take only 2 to 3 hours to complete the whole Bora Bora Island. To exploring Bora the best way around is biking and cycling around the entire island.

Another option is to travel in the car and take the car on the rent, but it is an expensive ride. Still, it will complete safety, so I would surely recommend you to take care because you are unknown to the new road and their rules, and it is also a relaxing drive throughout the whole trip of the Maldives or Bora Bora.

One of the best ways to travel the island is to walk there and open your arms in natural beauty. Well in the Maldives the best way to explore the beautiful landscapes and beaches are by walk. All of the islands are very convenient and near each other that tourists can explore it on walking.

Farry network between the islands is also available if you don’t like walking you can travel through this and sea boats. But if you feel secure in walking all around the island, Conrad Maldives and Four Season Bora Bora Resorts provide ample space to their customers to feel relaxed and confident in the resort.

Bora Bora Vs. Maldives: Surroundings And Natural Beauty

Bora Bora and Maldives are on the top of the beautiful island and because of which we can’t make any decision in the natural beauty of GOD. He made the atmosphere of both islands beautiful that all the couple wants to go there on their honeymoon.

When we talk about the color of their water, we can compare both islands, and both have a spectacular glow in their way. Still, the Maldives has an attractive color, and it is also famous for its watercolor, and many visitors say that they haven’t seen the water ever like the Maldives.

The second and the last thing at which we can compare them is the view of the mountain, and unluckily the Maldives didn’t have the hill. Based on mountains, people admit the Bora Bora is much prettier and has a fascinating view more than the Maldives.  You can also feel the beauty of Bora Bora from its beach, mountain, and four-season resort.

Bora Bora Vs. Maldives: Privacy Level

Well, the most crucial element that the Maldives is so concerned about their tourist’s privacy. That is the main reason for past years it becomes one of the choices of celebrities.

Nowadays, a day’s tourists preferred those over the water bungalows that keep them private that nobody sees them and cannot see any of them.

One of the best resorts in the Maldives is Milaidhoo, where you reach through seaplanes and boats and ensure you with some of the water sports activities with full of privacy level. Moreover, their bungalows are very near to each other but provide you with private space with glass and structure.

While resorts in Bora Bora are designed and structured several years ago, and some of the resorts are renovated like Hilton that’s changed from Conrad now and intercontinental Thalasso spa.

Some villas at Bora Bora are so near that sometimes you can hear the voice and see people around you. So this place doesn’t assure you privacy.

Bora Bora Vs. Maldives: The Winner

So, it is not a one decided decision. Both islands have beauty in their way, and both islands make a pleasant and happy visitor by its weather and by its gorgeous atmosphere.

There is nothing to make the conflict between these two; it is clear that the Maldives is good at proving properties, climate, and other things. Similarly, Bora Bora is good is convenient to reach as compared to the Maldives; their room is much beautiful than the Maldives because of their view; their freebie option is more attractive than the Maldives. Bora Bora has the advantage of a mountain that the Maldives didn’t have.

Based on the different facilities they are providing, it is decided by the visitors that Bora Bora is a more attractive and pleasant place to travel. So, make sure that you are spending your money on the right choice.


Both places Bora Bora and Maldives, are considered equally beautiful and are both offering the same types of activities. My recommendation is to visit the Maldives if you have not that much budget to spend on your vacations. And if you are sufficiently budgeted, then I recommend you with Bora Bora.

Well, no matter which island will you prefer rather Maldives, Bora Bora or any other, if you want the best experience of your life on those islands just than make your stay on overwater bungalows.