Best Mexican Food In El Paso

Best Mexican Food in El Paso

Mexico is the state of the United Mexican, a country located in North America. Mexico is the 11th most populated country in the world. Land area is the 14th largest country, and the most substantial income generated state of the united state through tourism in Mexico. There are 31 states in Mexico, and the language that spoken in this country is Spanish. And El Paso, known as New Mexico, located on the Rio Grande near the Mexico border. And is the 22nd largest city of the United States. Moreover, recognized and awarded as the safest city in the U.S.

El Paso is one of the best destinations for tourism. And travelers around the world get attracted to Mexico is because of their foods, drinks, Mayan temples, bands, beautiful beaches, and festivals.

When it comes to food, El Paso is famous for different varieties of flavors in foods and species for many decades. Mexican foods are a symbolic and unique element of Americans for so long. Moreover, In Mexico, food is considered a valuable source for any relationship, and it deemed necessary to build a relation. If a girl wants to marry, she must know how to cook, and most importantly, she must have cooking skills required to make such a portion of delicious food. It stated that Mexican’s couldn’t compromise on their meals!

-Although, if you love foods and want to visit El Paso, then this article is just for you.

One of the tops voted dishes of Mexico, and El Paso is Machaca. Machaca is such different food from others in many ways that it contains the dried meat. There are various combinations with Machaca, such as Machaca beef, Machaca burrito, Machaca eggs, and many others. When we talk about the most famous combo among all are these three. And If we rate or vote these three in order than number 1 is Machaca beef, number 2 is Machaca burrito, and the number 3 is Machaca egg. If you want to eat the best Machaca in the world, then I should prefer you to eat the Machacca of Café may pan, which has located in Mexico, El Paso.

• Machaca Beef

This type of Machaca contains the boneless piece of beef chuck roast, large onion sliced, green chilies, beef bouillon, mustard, garlic, salt, peppercorn, and salsa. Based on multiple and different kinds of ingredients, this dish is spreading day by day. It contains 270 calories, so it’s a bit healthy food.

• Machaca Burrito

Firstly, Bruitto is a kind of roll with central filled with the ingredients you may like, but when it has filled with Machaca, there is no choice of choosing anything else except Machaca burrito.

The elements contain yellow onions, red bell peppers, large garlic cloves, green chilies, lime juice, soy sauce, dried oregano, and black pepper.

• Machaca and Eggs

It is not as much as different from Machaca beef, there is only one difference between the ingredients: that Machaca beef contains meat, and Machaca egg contain eggs, but there is much difference in their taste. It is a low rate item, so people prefer Machhaca egg more than the above two.

• Albondigas al Chipotle

Café may pan one of the highly paid restaurants in Mexico, El Paso. Cafe Mayapan is a not only expensive restaurant, but it has its class in taste. They maintain their status to compete with others. Albondigas al Chipotle is one of Mexico’s famous food, not only for its taste but also for its epic and a different name. It is the only dish that maintains the dignity of this restaurant in taste. Its best combo is with plain white rice, and it is not as heavy so that you can take this meal at the time of dinner. You may also eat Albondigas al Chipotle with Samosas as snacks.

The ingredients of this yummy and delightful food are tomatoes, onion, clove garlic, chipotle peppers, vegetable oil, chicken stock, and eggs. When you see the item using in this dish, we all can understand how energetic it would be for us.

Albondigas al Chipotle is the dish that we can eat from spoon and fork. It seems so tasty when a full pale of white rice has loaded with Albondigas al Chipotle on it. The waiter of the Café may pan to you and said, enjoy your delicious meal, sir, while writing this article, my mouth is full of water because I have tasted this meal before.

2. Steak Tacos

Steak Tacos

In El Paso, steak tacos are full of juice, grilled steak with baked potatoes and onion in it, and a topping of creamy and cheesy mushrooms and olives. Steak taco has considered one of the mouth-watering dishes. Steak Tacos is one of the premium Mexican dishes, mostly it is served with salsa and lettuce. I don’t like the taste of Steak Tacos, but I must say that I have been shocked by the feeling of La Malinche. La Malinche is the regular and typical restaurant of Mexico, El Paso, and the Mexican version of Applebee’s also calls it.

If you are looking for the best Steak Tacos, then you should try the Tacos of La Malinche, it’s the best option I have ever seen. The La Malinche restaurant makes my least favorite dish turn in my favorite ones. And Tacos have served with plain white rice, beans, and gardens items. It has decorated with cilantro and onion. It is not an expensive dish, but every man can afford it and make its meal superb. It contains 225 calories in one plate of tacos. Hence, it’s a very healthy diet for all ages. You can also enjoy this meal, like a family dinner.

When we are talking about the ingredients of Tacos. That includes boneless, beef, flour, Worcestershire sauce, chili powder, garlic powder, dried oregano, salt, lime juice, hot pepper sauce, flour tortillas, shredded cheddar cheese, Picante sauce, and sour cream, optional.

3. Menudo

Menudo is a crucial and ubiquitous dish in Mexico, El Paso. Mexican People love Menudo so much, that’s why it is the household dish of Mexico. Menudo is the best hangover cure for the Mexicans, not by drink but also by food. Menuda is a red chili pepper soup with the stomach of is the first choice and the most voted soup of the people of El Paso. The secret in the quality taste of this recipe is its different flavors.

Good Luck Café is one of the old Café of El Paso and because of its long period, its overall style and look become very old-fashioned structure. But, the taste of Good Luck Café is not only enjoyable, but it also has the quality of its product and flavor. The two most famous food of his café is Menudo and grilled items. Everyone in El Paso wants to taste the Menudo of Good luck café, but usually, there is a long, long queue of people to buy Menudo. Home-made Mexican food points also know cafe Good Luck.

Peoples belonging to any age group can eat this because there is no harm to this soup; instead, there are a lot of benefits of this soup because of its ingredients. So, let’s talk about its healthy ingredients: beef tripe, garlic, salt, red chili powder, oregano, black pepper, cumin powder, onion chopped, and hominy.

4. Paletas De Crema

As we are talking about the most loved foods of El Paso, so how can we miss the name of one of the best sweet dishes or ice cream of El Paso. First of all, I am relating to those people who had never seen or taste this ice cream, which means you don’t have to feel the glamour of the world.

Paletas De Crema

Paleteria Tepalca is the local’s favorite dessert house of Mexico, and now it is also named as Mexican ice-cream dessert. It is not as old. The structure of Paleteria Tepalca is, although not so high level, the food lover always likes the quality of its food. The reason behind the long queue for its item is that they serve Paletas de Crema with a full cup of corn and beans, their flavors taste like the first fruits. The price of each ice cream is quite affordable to everyone and make your stomach full with its ice cream

When we talk about its taste and delicious ingredients, it includes ripe strawberries, morena sugar, heavy whipping cream, and sugar; because of its natural and convenient ingredients. This ice cream is a low-rate and high-tasting if you are going to make a plan of date, so I would prefer you to take Paletas de Crema from Paleteria Tepalca.

5. Gorditas

The Gorditas is a meat dish that is like pastry, which meat and lettuce are filled in the mid of bread and serve with the side dishes. Like, rice, tomatoes, potatoes, and beans that enhance its taste more. Moreover, Gorditas is a traditional Mexican food that readily available in El Paso even it is also available in street stalls, van, and infamous restaurants. The word Gorditas means small, chubby, and fatty in the Spanish language. JJ’s is the name of the restaurant in El Paso, famously known for its breakfast and lunching serving deals. In El Paso, Jj’s is the best restaurant that serves Gorditas.


Well, it has made from masa harina that is also known as nixtamalized maize flour. Mexican use this floor as a culinary culture. The concept of this flour is to use in a portion of food because they think it helps keep the masa longer. Nixtamalized flour has made up of cooking corn in lime water. Hence, lime water helps in digesting the food, so Gorditas is a digestible and nutritious food. It examines that in each gordita, there are 280 calories.

Some of the best restaurants in El Paso, where you can get Gorditas easily are:

  • Gorditas Lerado.
  • Tony’s Gorditas.
  • Gorditas Mexicana. 

6. Mexican Rice

Mexican Rice

Soft, Mexican rice is a perfect dish that has quickly cooked, and the taste is so delicious. Excellently use as a side dish too with some combination of chicken, beef, mushrooms, and fish that enhances and gives the blend of spices. Most importantly, it is the most natural food to cook, whether in the stove or microwave. This rice is also known as Spanish rice or Arroz Rojo.

The ingredients used in making this rice are rice, cilantro, chicken, tomatoes, beans, onions, and if you want it cheesy, you can add cheese. There are approximately 199 calories in one cup of rice that contains 37% fat, 7% protein, and fiber and 56% carbs


Whenever you visit El Paso, you examine the importance of food in every single spot. Every meal is entirely natural and deliciously full of taste, colors, and with perfect spices. It has believed that Mexican foods have not to change for many decades. Most of the ingredients are familiar and useful in many dishes—for instance, beans, corn, pepper, tomatoes, lettuce, beef, and chicken.

The fantastic thing about Mexican foods is that all of the best dishes are also available in the street in the shape of street vans. That is quite obvious, cost less than the big restaurants in El Paso, which is easily affordable by any class group. These street vans enrich the outing for tourism that they can quickly eat in any spot at a very affordable price, and that taste is so amazing!

Not only for food Mexico famous for but also for its drink culture. The best drinks are warm chocolate latte, a rice drink known as horchata Blanca, and another rice drink toasted known as horchata de Arroz and almond rice drink.

The problem for travelers is choosing one meal to eat at a time out of so many delicious meals While we are traveling to different states of Mexico.