San Diego Zoo Vs Safari Park

San Diego Zoo Vs Safari

You will find different animals roaming around in the San Diego zoo safari park just like they are in native Africa and America. But don’t confuse yourself that you will see zebras wandering in the same area as lions; instead, you will encounter a different kind of species moving in the same large place.

The San Diego zoo & safari park began as a preservation facility instead of a park. It became a tourist spot much time later. You will find many rare animals being bred and taken care of. The payments given by the visitors benefit them to pursue this effort. And the procedure for acquiring tickets is the same for San Diego zoo and the safari park.

The land of San Diego zoo safari park is spread over an area of 1800 acres, and there are many exciting things to see and do. Before paying a visit, you must go through their daily timetables so that you don’t skip any adventure. Following are some of the most exciting things to do:

Africa Tram:

encounter the wild animals from the closest view ever in this thirty-minute trip of Africa Tram. You will see giraffes, antelopes, deer’s, elephant’s ad different breeds of rhinoceros walking in a vast area.

Lorikeet Landing:

lorikeets are multi-coloured but, but are a little extensive than parakeets. You will find to purchase some lorikeet nectar at the entrance before you get to see them. You hold the nectar, and those birds land on your finger to drink it. Such a fascinating moment it’ll be. You must not miss at any cost, but be a little careful with kids because sometimes these birds might frighten them.

Nairobi Village:

here you will see the cutest petting kraal and get to pet these baby animals in this nursery. Daily, a bird show is also arranged, which is worth watching. In case you are fond of flowers and greenery, you will discover some fantastic gardens as you move along the trails.

Different Activities & Adventures:

San Diego zoo & safari park earns money by carrying out different other activities. Some of them incorporate balloon safari, cheetah run safari, and behind-the-scenes safari park trips. We would recommend visiting the San Diego zoo if you are taking kids with you because the San Diego zoo provides a better view to see different animals and requires less walk as well.

San Diego Zoo Vs Safari Park


You will find the San Diego zoo in the downtown whereas the safari park in Escondido. The zoo is closer towards the airport side and for those who are living in the north county; the safari park will be easily reachable.


Both places appear to be huge, but actually, the zoo is quite smaller, and the safari park is vast as compared to the zoo.

San Diego Zoo

The Zoo Is More Suitable

Talking about taking kids with you, a trip to the zoo is more appropriate. As San Diego zoo is nearby the downtown, majority of the tourists stay in the hotels near the centre because they find numerous adventures and cultural activities to enjoy.

San Diego zoo is only three miles away from the midpoint of downtown. Additionally, it comes inside Balboa Park, and that gives you the advantage of having a nice dinner in the Balboa park right after you come tired from the zoo. And enjoy some live music along with your meal.

As far as the safari park is concerned, it takes at least 45 minutes by car to reach the park from downtown. And unknowingly if you take public transport, it will take no less than two hours.

Free Parking At The San Diego Zoo

You will find abundant free parking at the zoo. And luckily if you come early morning by 8, you will easily find a spot near to the entrance which will save you from walking. This will be convenient if you have bought a lunch basket along with you. The walk towards the multi-coloured patio and umbrella benches will be much shorter.

But during the vacation days, it might be challenging to find an empty parking space. But they have got you covered; you can easily access a tram facility from the Inspiration Point. Moreover, the parking at the safari park costs $15 to $20. And on crowded weekends and vacations, you might need to pay an additional $18 for a favoured parking spot.

View The Animals Easily At The Zoo

The San Diego zoo is much smaller as compared to the safari park. It is spread over a land of 100 acres only, while the safari park is on 1800 acres. You will find animals much closer, and it provides a clear view of the zoo. While the animals at the safari park are at least at a distance of quarter a mile and a considerable rhinoceros seems like a little grey rock.

Less Eye-level Barriers At The Zoo

Many efforts have been to make the barriers and animals less visible at the safari park. To some extent, it is a plus point both for youngsters and adults because it looks like the animals are roaming free. To develop such effects, designers have used tall objects such as bushes and artificial stones to enclose the animals. But such things can make it difficult for a small kid to see something.

Little Walk

The little area of the zoo calls for less walk as compared to the safari park. Even though your kid is full of energy, but the long walks at the safari park might bore the kids immediately.

The Climate Of The Zoo Is Suitable For Children

Infants and children are more delicate than adults to climate changes. However, the children learn to adjust themselves to different temperatures from about 18 months to 2 years of age. But still, you must protect them from extreme temperatures.

The San Diego zoo has a mild temperature as it is situated near to the ocean. It is almost 4 miles away from the Pacific Ocean. At the same time, the safari park is 17 miles away from the coastline. Temperatures are extreme there. During August, the temperatures rise to 91°F whereas it is only 76°F in the zoo.

More Magnificent Animal's Variety At The San Diego Zoo

You will find more than 4000 animals, 650 different other species and subspecies in the San Diego zoo. At the same time, the safari park comprises of only 2600 animals belonging from different 300 species. The animal collection in the zoo originates from different countries of the world if seen in comparison with the selection of safari park. Animals in the safari park are bought from the jungles and savannas of Africa and Asia only. The massive collection of insects and reptiles attracts the children more at the San Diego zoo.

Birdcages At The Zoo

The three different birdcages in the zoo will fascinate the children as you walk along with the aviary and watch the colourful birds fly. This does not require much walking; you can relax and enjoy the view. Put forward your arm, and you will see some birds landing on you.

Far and away superior is the opportunity to call attention to monkeys to your child. Parker Aviary has two delightful Golden Lion Tamarins hurrying about. It’s likewise lavishly implanted with tropical plants and remains cool during summers.

Safari Park just incorporates one enormous aviary, known as the Hidden Jungle. But it has a more warm and humid climate than the zoo, and also you will find no seating arrangement in that aviary.

Play Zones In The San Diego Zoo

You will find some play zones for the children spread around in the zoo. Most of them are animal figures made upon reused rubber planes. The floor is made from such a material which keeps the baby safe. In case the child slips and falls, the soft floor surfaces do no damage to them. You can also capture some incredible snaps of your kids.

But you will find fewer play areas in the safari park where your children won’t enjoy much. But do capture a great picture of them on the vast southern white rhino statue which is in the safari base camp.

Balboa Park Miniature Railroad

This ride for the kids is an ideal one to bring the trip to an ending. Because the balboa park miniature railroad is situated just at the exit of the zoo, it only opens on weekends and during the holiday seasons. But you can enjoy it daily during the summers, spring and the peak holidays season from 11 in the morning till 4 in the evening.

It will be a thrilling ride for your kids on this train. But avoid going during when school trips arrive as children scream altogether as the train passes through the tunnel which may frighten your child.

San Diego Safari Park

Classic Caravan Safari Venture

Get the essence of real safari fields of Africa through the classic caravan safari adventure. You get to travel in open safari van where you encounter the areas as you move along. You get to see different kinds of mammals and birds belonging from Africa and Asia. You also get to nourish the giraffes. It is quite a unique and exciting experience which you ought not to miss at all.

This whole tour lasts for two hours, but if you opt for the caravan safari deluxe, you get plenty of time off 3.5 hours, and you discover more fields. The minimum age for visiting the safari park is eight years old. The price for the two-hour tour is $125 and more. And the cost for the deluxe tour is $175 and above.

Caravan Safari Twilight

Although this tour is quite as same as the caravan safari venture but the only thing that separates it is that it happens during twilight. You get to travel in a cold climate and view the mesmerizing evening lights.

If you travel during this period of the day, you will see more animal movements rather than in the day time. You can access this tour during some months of the year, so make sure that to don’t miss it. The minimum age is eight years old, and the ticket price is $125 and more.

Caravan Safari Kids

The caravan safari is intended primarily for children, providing a fantastic presentation of animals. Different activities are carried out the whole tour, and a guide makes you explore that in what ways humans and animals are similar to each other. The minimum age is six years old, and the ticket fee is$125 and more.

Cheetah Safari

Cheetah safari is one of the best and exciting adventures in the whole park. It incorporates booked trackside seating on the cheetah run where you encounter a fast running cheetah while it runs after an enticement which is kept some feet away.

Before you encounter the cheetah chase, sit comfortably in your seats and enjoy the close and individual interaction with a unique animal from Africa.

Right after the race ends, the cheetah along with its trainer arrive at your spot where you can meet them and clear any queries you have. Take great snaps too. The whole activity lasts for one hour and is a great experience. You must ahead quickly to attend it because it takes places on certain days only. The minimum age is ten years old, and the ticket cost is $59 and more.

Cart Safari Africa

Take a tour by sitting in the backside of the cart and complete your Africa tour in one hour. A guide will be with you who will provide knowledge about the history of the park and will answer your questions regarding the animals living in that field.

This place calls for some fantastic snap opportunities and enjoys the African animals as they roam around in the fields. Cart safari Africa is open to everyone having no age limit. And the ticket cost is $54

Cart Safari Asia

Take a one hour ride along the Asia arena sitting in the cart as the guide provides you with a piece of more profound knowledge about the animals living there. Take great pictures of the view and the animals and make lifetime memories. Cart safari Asia has no age limit, and the ticket prices are $54.

Flight Line Safari

If you are in search of a thrilling experience, flight line safari is the perfect activity. Fly over the park in a fully secure and comfortable safety joint with 130 feet overhead the surface. Get to appreciate the bird-view of the whole park and its animals. This entire activity comprises a safety kit, flight direction, informational tour, and also a tour on zip lines. The zip lines make you ready for the exciting ride of the flight line safari.

Enjoy the beautiful views of the park as you move along before you land on the campground of Kilima Point. You also get the opportunity to make a video for your flight using their helmet cameras through additional payment. The whole activity takes one hour incorporating the learning, test ride, final fly, and you have to purchase the ticket before this. The minimum age is eight years old, and the ticket costs $79.

Jungle Ropes Safari

Are you someone with a lot of courage and bravery? If yes, then jungle rope safari provides you with a chance to walk climb and strike your path over a learning test of ropes and enhancing your skills. You are fastened with a secure strap and are given some instructions by the professionals before you start your journey individually or with your friends through the Smart Belay method to move according to your speed. You will have to keep track of the inflight ropes, cross rope ties, to fluctuate log paces and continue to move paths apart from other adventures.

You can choose from three different courses or can even go forward for all three. Guides are present along every path, but this is a self-taught adventure. To add more excitement to tour trip, go for the flight line safari as well. It takes up ninety minutes along with learning session. Minimum age to enter is seven years, and the ticket costs $54. You won’t find such activities at the San Diego zoo.

VIP Ultimate Safari

Experience your own ventures in the safari park. You have the option to select between five or right hours ride that you make within coordination with the expert’s planners of the park. All the tours are planned according to your demands, needs, favourite activities, and the meal is also arranged according to your choice. The ticket cost is $690, and the minimum age is at least three years.

Behind The Scenes San Diego Safari Adventures:

Butterflies And Friends

This is a unique interactive and directed behind-the-scenes venture and the most attractive spot of the park in the spring. Start your tour in the morning by visiting the Rodrigues fruit bats where you get to interact with the guide about these furry creatures.

As you move forward, you come across the Butterfly jungle where you view the delicate and the colourful butterflies flying in the whole area. It is a unique experience. After this, enjoy the tour to lorikeet landing and interact with their trainers as well. It is a two-hour walking journey but is only accessible in the spring season.

Elephants And Friends

Learn and gain knowledge about these fascinating creatures in this two-hour tour. You encounter these animals very carefully by seeing them from a private spot while you get to learn how much effort it takes to raise them.

Tiger And Friends

Experience the unique view of the splendid tigers inside the tiger trail and the way the trainers look after them. Take a tour and see the different species of the park in the African and the Asian enclosures. It is a two-hour tour that incorporates an excursion to the tiger keeper spot as well. The minimum age is three years, and the ticket price is $89 or more.

Lion And Friends

Discover the lion camp in this exciting two-hour tour where they encounter them carefully and learn about how they survive and the ways they are taken care of. Also, visit the lion keeper place and view the different animal species of Asia and Africa.

Veterinary Medical Centre

Get a close look at the Paul Harter medical centre and get knowledge about its interesting history and their services as you tour this high technology place for two hours. Witness the excellent ways in which they care for the animals of the park and what makes them the leaders in the care of wild animals. But this tour is available only on some selective days of the season. And the minimum age is six years old, and the ticket fee is $8.

Night At The Safari Park

Roar & Snore Park gives you a unique venture of spending the whole night with your friends and family. Make amazing memories here. This adventure incorporates late-night views of the wildlife, walks along with the guides, and exciting activities at the camp. Enjoy the bonfire too. Get delicious meals at dinner, snacks and breakfast for the next day.

Wrapping It Up:

Both the San Diego zoo and the safari park have their specialities and make them favourable for different age groups. If you are taking toddlers on the trip with you, then the zoo is the ideal option. It has a mild climate, compact size, and a convenient place for the children to view the wild animals. The small size of the zoo does not make your child tired and will keep him refreshed.  If you are on a trip with adults and looking for something exciting and thrilling, then safari park will provide you with the opportunities you are looking for.